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I've got this self-executing function, which adds event listeners to a series of links. But the event listeners are automaticaly firing when the page loads, as opposed to onmouseover/out. Have I got the syntax wrong? How do I stop them autofiring?

    var menuLink = $('.navItem');
    var menuItem = $('.menuLinks');
    for (a = 0; a <= 5; ++a) {
        menuLink[a].addEventListener('onmouseover', linkChanger(), true);
        menuLink[a].addEventListener('onmouseout', linkChanger(), true);

    function linkChanger(event){
        if (menuItem[a].style.color == "white") {
            console.log("This is white")
            menuItem[a].style.color = "black";
        else {
            console.log("This is black");
            menuItem[a].style.color = "white";


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menuLink[a].addEventListener('onmouseover', linkChanger, true);
menuLink[a].addEventListener('onmouseout', linkChanger, true);
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When you write linkChanger(), it is executing the function and giving the result to the Listener. Either wrap it with function() { linkChanger(); } or replace with linkChanger. The first option allows you to pass arguments and run other functions too.

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