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I use JGraph for Java to create graphic representation of Petri net and then export it to XML. Is there any method, which add to xml my own text? I need to create there something like metadata, specifically, who created network, when and so on.

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Why not just try it and see what happens? – vascowhite May 5 '12 at 20:31
Change your XML and try to import it and see the result – GETah May 5 '12 at 20:43
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You can store some data in parent node (note that this is untested):

((mxCell) ((mxGraphModel)graph.getModel()).getCell("0") ).setAttribute("tagname", "your");

If storing one string is enough for you, this definitely works:

((mxCell) ((mxGraphModel)graph.getModel()).getCell("0") ).setValue("your text");
String text = (String) ((mxCell) ((mxGraphModel)graph.getModel()).getCell("0") ).getValue();
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I just tried the following and it works.

  • Create a graph
  • Save it to XML
  • Open the XML using notepad and change some text values
  • In JGraph, import the updated file
  • The drawings should show the updated text
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