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hello I have recently installed aptana studio 3 again and I am having where my text font size minimizes when I do the command (Ctrl + -). I am talking about the font under General->Appearance->Colors and Fonts->Basic->Text Font. This command works like in photoshop/illustrator where the size minimizes. However I do not want this command because I usually press it on accident. I have looked under keys and I can't find this command so I can change it. It wouldn't be so bad but the command Ctrl + + doesn't upsize the font like it normally does in other applications. Any suggestions?

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Try holding down your shift key: CTRL + SHIFT + +

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You are the man! –  usumoio Jun 21 '13 at 16:36

Aptana Studio 3 has a problem with shortcuts.
I accidentally zoomed out my code and as I'm in Portuguese Keyboard, Ctrl Shift + didn't work to back to the default zoom value.

The solution to this problem (probably many other keyboard set's are having this problem) is to change your language preferences (Win Key space OR find it in Control Panel), to English keyboard.

Then with the help of this image, I find the + is the first key to left of the backspace.

This way you could go back to 100% zoom by hitting, Ctrl Shift (first key to left of the backspace)

Very strange situation ...

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Select the whole page you are writing the code.click on the right button of the mouse. click preference.In the above of the window, there are a link named "Colors and Fonts",click here.click edit.

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