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I don't mean how do I include ActiveRecord, but let me explain.

I want to have a Game with a difficultyLevelID and a DifficultyLevel Object.

In Rails and ActiveRecord (that's what I am familiar with) these would be tables and I would have the has_many and belongs_to methods and then I could just use the difficultyLevelID to get things, so difficulty level could be Game.difficulty_level.name

If I am just doing a Ruby program with no database and I want to use that relationship, i.e. I want Game to have an ID for difficulty level and the level name itself to be in a difficulties class, how do I do that (create, maintain and query the relationship) just with Ruby so that I can say get the game difficulty level name?

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Why do you want the difficult level id in game? Rails has the ID in game so it can lookup in in the difficulty table. If you just have objects, set the difficulty object into game and get the id from the difficulty object. – dj2 May 6 '12 at 6:47
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There was no answer in 20 hours so I've posted my own.

class Soduko
  attr_accessor :name, :rows, :columns, :difficulty_level
  def initialize // will probably move to parameters as defaults.
    @rows= 9
    @columns= 9
    @name= 'My Soduko'
    @difficulty_level= 'Medium'

  def initial_number_count


class DifficultyLevel

  def self.start_with_numbers(difficulty_level)
    case difficulty_level
      when 'Easy'
      then 30
      when 'Medium'
      then 20
      when 'Hard'
      then 10
      else 20



and of course the tests:

require './soduko'

describe Soduko, '.new' do

  before { @soduko_board  = Soduko.new }

  it "Should allow for a new Board with 9 rows (default) to be created" do
    @soduko_board.rows.should == 9

  it "Should allow for a new Board with 9 columns (default) to be created" do
    @soduko_board.columns.should == 9

  it "should have a default difficulty level of 'Medium'" do
    @soduko_board.difficulty_level.should == 'Medium'

  it "should have 10 initial numbers" do
    @soduko_board.initial_number_count.should == 20


describe DifficultyLevel, '.new' do

  it "should exist" do
    @difficulty_level = DifficultyLevel.new

  # More to be added...

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soduko? Did you mean "sudoku"? :) – Sergio Tulentsev Aug 10 '15 at 14:59

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