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I would like to add a row to photo_albums table in my db containing the user ID for current_user and an album title "Posts Album" before_create.

  • User has many PhotoAlbums
  • PhotoAlbum belongs to User

I achieve something similar using before_create :build_profile to build an empty row for users personal information in my profiles table. This code is inside my user model.

I'd like to achieve something similar but in my photo_albums table. On creation of user create an album in the photo_albums table that will store all micropost related images. On creation of user I just need a row with album title = "post album" and their user id.

Model snippet

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one  :profile, :autosave => true
  has_many :photo_albums
  has_many :microposts

  before_create :build_profile

Controller's create action

def create
  @user =[:user])   
  respond_to do |format|
      login @user
      format.js { render :js => "window.location = '#{root_path}'" } 
      format.js { render :form_errors }

How can I do this? Please notice a user has many photo albums so I can't use build_photo_album. I've read some info in the guides but still can't figure this out. Would appreciate a solution.

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I have no better solution then create a custom callback like this:

UPDATED (you even don't need to define user_id => in PhotoAlbum.create params, it would be set automatically)

after_create :build_default_photo_album

def build_default_photo_album
  self.photo_albums << PhotoAlbum.create(:title => "post album")
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I realised some moments ago that the user ID must have been set auto as it was being set for profiles table to and i hadn't set it manually any where so I assumed it was done automatically. Love this solution.. By the way it works with before_create, I didn't see a reason it wouldn't because it worked for creating a profile row for user too. – LondonGuy May 5 '12 at 23:31

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