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I've seen a reference to a DefaultErrorView in Myfaces CODI but as usual the documentation leaves everything to the imagination. I've really found CODI to be a great JSF addon, but it would benefit such a lot from some examples.

Probably naively I was hoping to be able to catch the dreaded ViewExpiredException with this code:

@Page(basePath = "/defaultErrorPage.xhtml")
public final class DefaultErrorPage extends DefaultErrorView {


...but all that happens after session timeout is that container security takes me to the login page when I try to issue a get request (clicking on a h:link). Does anyone know what I can do with this DefaultErrorView, anyone got an example?


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In the JavaDoc of DefaultErrorView you see:


The class which extends this class will also be used as error-view in case of security violations (if there is no special error-view configured via {@link})

And in the Wiki you see e.g.:



In case of a violation CODI will use the DefaultErrorView as navigation target (if configured).



(Security) Error pages

The following example shows how to create a default error page. It's just allowed to provide one default error page per application. Instead of implementing ViewConfig it's required to implement the DefaultErrorView interface.


as well as the manual usage:




The Wiki also links a nice example and there you find:

-> everything is fine with the documentation ;-)

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Thanks for your reply, we'll have to agree to disagree on the documentation. I read the snippets in the wiki and saw the example. I'm trying to create "one default error page per application", then I look at this line from the example: "public @Page class Login extends DefaultErrorView implements Pages" - any chance of talking me through this, is the login page the default error page? What is the significance of the Pages interface? will this be able to pick up a ViewExpiredException if I can get it working (if not, maybe it IS working and my test case is invalid). Thanks. – Oversteer May 6 '12 at 9:16
I'll add that I believe that JSF only throws a ViewExpiredException in the restore view phase for a POST, but I use h:link & h:outputLink (GET) for much navigation, so I'd normally expect to have to catch VEE in a phase listener, unless CODI can perform some magic in this respect. I tried the omnifaces FullAjaxExceptionHandler but it's throwing an exception on startup on glassfish. – Oversteer May 6 '12 at 9:33
We are using it as default-error page for security violations and unhandled errors which are available through the JSF ExceptionHandler and therefore it works great. I don't think that it's intended to work with h:outputLink since that is just a component for corner cases, because you don't get back your state. The correct one would be h:link or h:commandLink for POST requests. – Dar Whi May 6 '12 at 21:09

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