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i made a php script that handle URL and give back Title, FirstImage and Description of a given url. In my website, all links i want to replace with previews has "replaced_link" class. I suppose this function should work, but it does not:

var $alinks = $('a.replaced_link');
            url = $this.attr('href');
                            beforeSend: function(){
                                    $this.append('<img align=center src="images/loader_dark.gif">');
                            success: function(data){
                                    if (data) {
                            error: function(){


On a single link, it's working right. If there is more than one "a.replaced_link", all the previous remains with spin loading and only the last take the first link (!!!). If i remove "$this.remove()", all links will be appended in the last a.replaced_link! I hope to be clear.... It seems that $this are not splitted as differents objects on ".each" How to solve?

P.s. I want to remove object because it's possible that i need to trigger this function more than one time... and i don't want to reload each URL

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Implicit global in the house! Say

var $this = $(this);

instead of

$this = $(this);

Same with url obv.

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Oh my god... i'm an idiot... :D Thank you!! :D –  Giuseppe Donato May 5 '12 at 21:36

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