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I use a dbDataAdapter to populate a DataTable from an unlinked oracle database.

I have a dbDataAdapter that I want to insert rows into an SQL Server table using SQLCommandBuilder.

I have been trying all day to update the DataTable that references the SQL Server table with the data from the Oracle DataTable so that I can insert the rows.

I've been googling all afternoon with no satisfaction. Anyone know how to do this?

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Your dataset are typed datasets? – Atilla Ozgur May 6 '12 at 9:17

Why don't you use a linked server to oracle from SQL server and then use a simple select statement.

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Does that mean it cannot be done? Linking the servers is not an option. – timMulherin May 6 '12 at 11:40

In case anyone stumbles upon this, I used DataTable.Load(OracleDataReader) to populate the DataTable then I used SQLBulkCopy to insert the rows into the database.

No linked server necessary

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