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I'd like to know whether it was possible to do this with Matlab or not.

I have a script that create and initialize a lot of variable. In my main program I call this script to do all the initialization then I go on manipulating the data.

I want to improve that script and make it function-like : I'd like to have different version of my program that will use the slightly different initialized values.

However I can't do that because I can't call a script with arguments and if I create a function with that script I won't recover the context of the function (and I don't want to modify the script that much so I can return things).

So I'm kinda stuck here. Does anyone know what I should do?

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I can suggest a few options:

  1. Save the desired variable to a mat file with save. In the script file, you can then load, and if desired delete the file.
  2. Try to save same of the variables as global (to do that, declare global in front of the desired variables in both the function call, and the scripts):

To do the last option:

global Vari
Vari = sum (....);
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