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I was running tests, and first time round, they all pass green. If I run the test again, some fail with the following message:

 Failure/Error: @user = Factory :user
       Validation failed: Email has already been taken

I am really confused as to why this is happening. I thought rspec did not push values to the database. If I purge the test database, this is fixed, but then, on second round of test execution, some fail with the same error.

Any ideas how I can fix this? Note, I installed cancan gem recently, maybe it has to do something with it?

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Factory Girl is not what is supposed to be deleting the data, it's usually RSpec (by way of the use_transactional_fixtures option) or another tool like database_cleaner.

If your test database is not being cleaned out correctly, then I would recommend using the database_cleaner.

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I will give database_cleaner a try. I do have use_transactional_fixtures=true tho. Shouldnt it be fine with that option? –  Karan May 6 '12 at 1:46

I've had a few cases where things didn't clear out properly, and running rake db:test:prepare to clean out the database worked like a charm (assuming you aren't pre-populating with data). If you do need pre-populated data, use fixtures or other similar solutions to reset to a pristine state.

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