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If I am building an application with backbone.js, what is the best tool or combo of tools to use for data persistence?

So I cannot answer my own question for another seven hours so I am throwing the answer in here:

I just found a great link to answer my own question. Exactly what I am looking for:

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Depends. Why don't you make use of all that extra space in the question box and tell us more about your problem? – jmort253 May 6 '12 at 3:10
It's a simple question. My apology for not expanding. I come from the land of .NET where server side and client side are more standardized. I recently made the move to a company who scrapes pages and uses backbone to parse the jsondata returned. Do you have a solution that works for you? If so I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks. – J0NNY ZER0 May 6 '12 at 3:24
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If you want something even simpler without the Mongoose dependency I've made a very short example on how to achieve basic persistence with Backbone, Express.js and MongoDB.

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You can use StackMob. Check out the website ( I didn't use it a lot, but you can watch this great lecture at Udemy (, and watch the lecture 11 and 12

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If you want to do a lot less coding, take a look at Urbini. It is like IFTTT, but more open as it allows you to create your own adapter to map any WebAPI into backbone models. Urbini provides seamless persistence to IndexedDB (with a fallback to WebSQL) and automatic sync with the web site via its WebAPI.

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