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I'm using an web application which is developed using symfony 1.4.16 with mysql. I need to see what are the sql queries running on behind some actions in the application. So in the dev mode I have enabled the web_debug in the settings.yml file.

   web_debug:              true

Now I can see the web debug toolbar in the browser but I cannot find a place which shows running sql quires.

enter image description here

Should I change more settings in order to get sql queries. Please help me on this.

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As of Sf 1.2. you can customize the webDebug panel so it is very likely that you have the DB info disabled. Have a look at this docs: http://symfony.com/legacy/doc/more-with-symfony/1_4/en/07-Extending-the-Web-Debug-Toolbar and you should be able to locate where you can re-enable the query panel.

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Nothing else you should do .....

if you have a sql queries ran in your action ,you should see it like at image

if you have a sql queries ran in your action , you should see it like at image

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Nop. Your tabs in the image are completely different from my ones. That's not the debug menu bar I get. –  Thilanka May 6 '12 at 9:55
never mind by the differences .... the common , the part of SQL queries if you ran a sql queries –  Marc J May 6 '12 at 11:31
But my thing does not show any sql queries in it. –  Thilanka May 6 '12 at 16:13

Edit: config/databases.yml

Add these lines:

    class: sfPropelDatabase
      classname: DebugPDO

If you're using Doctrine, replace Propel with Doctrine.

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