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When I embed a set of SVG graphics elements inline into HTML I have access to e.g. a group, say a chesspiece, via its id-attribute and can make it clickable, draggable and so on. Very nice and straight forward.

Now I remove the SVG code from the HTML and put it into a separate file which I include via

<embed src=... /> 

into the HTML. This works with no apparent difference in the rendering, but now I don't have access to the group via its id-attribute any more. With

<object data=...></object> 

it is the same, by the way.

What am I missing?

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If you have your script in the html file, you want something like this...


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I tried your approach and noticed that the problem starts with the click event handler: <embed id="svg" src=... /> together with $("#svg").click(function(e) {alert("click noticed");}); does nothing. How can I make an <embed>-element sensitive to clicks? –  chessweb May 6 '12 at 12:38
That's not possible. Clicks go to the content. You could either put a transparent absolutely positioned div on top and handle the clicks there or handle the clicks in the content svg. –  Robert Longson Nov 11 '12 at 14:05

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