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I'm building a website using ASP.NET. It's a game which I connect two users randomly to play with each other.

What I need to do is when one of these two players logs out or has been inactive for a certain time, I finish the game and send the other player to some page to tell him or her the game is over.

My problem is I can't figure out how to track the user status every while. I know that ASP.NET has (LastActivityDate), but how can I check this value repeatedly every 30 seconds for example?

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lets say you have 2 users

each user pings the server ( ajax) every 2 sec [using javascript's setInterval] and increase a counter - or set a new time in the Application or Cache ) - global accessed objects

once in a while - you scan those structures - and if the value ( lets say of DateTime) - is larger by X - so someone has stopeed sending pings - and thats how you know that someone has gone.

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You should use jQuery or another Javascript library for using ajax simply. You need also to use 'setInterval' function that will verify that user still active.


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Can you give a hint of the way I should implement that in this way? – Ruba May 14 '12 at 11:44

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