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I have tried in both Eclipse ADT and the ddms.bat that comes with the android sdk. Both have the same result: "Failed to initialize Monitor Thread: Unable to establish loopback connection".

However, if I boot my computer in safe-mode, it works just fine. Obviously this means the issue is with some third party service or driver on my computer.

So I went through and stopped every non-critical service on my computer in normal mode and still the ddms returns the error.

How do I identify what is causing the issue?

Computer Details:
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows Firewall... disabled
Agnitum Outpost Security... added exceptions for all programs, turned off firewall, turned off anti-leak, suspended protection, turned off self-protect, and stopped process
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I believe I have solved my own problem. Even after disabling every part of the Agnitum Outpost Security package that I could the ddms still wouldn't work, but after I uninstalled Agnitum Outpost the ddms worked just fine.

The problem is with Agnitum Outpost blocking the socket at some low level, perhaps driver or something like that.

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