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   :query  => {:_id   =>},
   :update => {'$inc' => {:next => 1}},
   :new    => true,
   :upsert => true

It works well in mongoid 2.4.9, but when i use mongoid 3.0.0, i got error

NoMethodError in PostsController#new

undefined method `master' for Mongoid:Module

Mongoid 3.0.0 does not support Mongoid.master ?

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Because Mongoid 3.0.0 was use Moped to instead Mongo Ruby Driver, So the old API can't call not.

You can try this:

Mongoid::Sessions.default.command({:findAndModify => "seq",
                                         :query  => { :_id => },
                                         :update => { "$inc" => { :next => 1 } },
                                         :upsert => true,
                                         :new    => true })

And you can use this Gem to do Auto increment id feature:

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