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Is it possible to use CRON to upload a file via FTP? If yes how can I call FTP to run an upload?

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Assuming a UNIX-like operating system you could setup a cron job that pointed to a shell script like the following:

cd [source directory]
ftp -n [destination host]<<END
user [user] [password]
put [source file]

Depending on your ftp client defaults and the source file type you may need to specify binary prior to the put.

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You may use ncftp -- they have an handy tools called "ncftpput"

It is easier then using expect -- it is just a single command with useful return code.

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You probably are looking for a program called "expect" which is designed for dealing with interactive processes.


If you have "cron", you likely already have "expect" as well, these days.

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Schedule a script call from cron.
In the script,

For this,

  • you will need to setup the public key authentication between the server and your client,machine.
  • you will need a sftp client on the client machine (there are clients for all platforms -- PuTTY, Winscp.net, unix variants usually have this already installed).
  • finally, try the PUT manually with public key authentication and note down the commands -- you can write them down in to the batch file for automation

Some other notes.

  • expect is an overkill for this requirement.
  • More over, any scheme that requires the password to be scripted is bad
  • ncftp is good for an interactive session (not such automation)
  • I do not know if wput allows public key authentication (probably not), in which case its not good for such automation either
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Just create your CRON jobs to call WGET to upload or download your file via FTP!

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Actually, you'd rather want to use wput(wput.sourceforge.net) to put stuff on the remote server. –  tomzx Jun 26 '09 at 2:34

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