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It prompts me:

The Google App Engine SDK could not be found!
Make sure it's accessible via your PATH environment and called google_appengine

when I run

python manage.py runserver 

But It worked for my first time i run it. I put it on my PATH directory, but it still prompts for that message. My os is Ubuntu 10.04, python version 2.6. that files/directories on my django project directory.

app.yaml   django           google_appengine  main.py      settings.pyc
autoload   djangoappengine  __init__.py       manage.py    urls.py
dbindexer  djangotoolbox    __init__.pyc      settings.py  urls.pyc

I don't know how to debug my problem.

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For me, I ran into this after updating GoogleAppEngineLauncher, but I had not yet run the application. I ran GoogleAppEngineLauncher and it unpacked files and created the necessary symlinks.

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Simply put your sdk to Environment Path

export PATH=$PATH:/home/computer_name/Desktop/google_appengine/

Hope it helps,

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I fixed the problem, just move the google_appengine to /usr/local direcitory, i used to move to /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-package, after checking sys.path, I found it not in it.

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