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I'm trying to display some images on a website, but for some reasons, they are not showing up. This is the code I'm using, which is similar to what I found on the internet, but it just prints Error. How can I fix this?


echo '<img src="D:/website/images/pic.jpg" alt="Error" />';

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PHP does not have an IMG tag, that's HTML. – hakre May 6 '12 at 14:01
What is the error? Btw, src urls can not be pathed to a drive letter, if you really want an absolute path it should eb something like, localhost/website/image... – Ash Burlaczenko May 6 '12 at 14:02
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Yes it would not work you should use server URL instead D:/website/images/pic.jpg is a system PATH

 echo '<img src="" alt="Error" />';
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D:/website/images/pic.jpg is not a valid URI. The image tag in HTML requires a valid URI for the SRC attribute.

Please see the HTML documentation of your choice (e.g. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)) and provide a valid URIRFC3986 instead.

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images on html should always have protocol prefix like http:// or file:/// - in your case so make it like file:///d:/website/images/pic.jpg . it still does not work, verify the file exists. file name case does not matter in your windows environment.

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The best way is to use relative paths:

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