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I've seen this image slider on the front page of and I want to have one like that for my site. (After a timeout, the first image slides out of the screen, then the second image flies out after it, and then a new pair fly in).

I've seen that IBM uses Dojo not jQuery. Is this built in effect in dojo?

I have knowledge in javascript (but not any library like jQuery/dojo) and I can make it myself the hard-way. But I wanted to know first if there is anything built in to do it?

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The image slider on the front page is built using Dojo, but not a out-of-box component of Dojo library. It's a customized component.

If you want to create image sliders using Dojo, take a look at existing out-of-box components in DojoX library (dojox.image). dojox.image.SlideShow is a good starting point.

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I think you might be better off with dojox.widget.Rotator or even dojox.widget.AutoRotator.

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