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I have a multi page that records numbers, I have a session that is being saved as on "submit.php"

$_SESSION['hello'] = $_POST['hello'];
echo  $_SESSION['hello'];

My problem is that it's replacing the session with only the previous one. How do i make it so they just add up?

For example,

if ($page2 == 2) { ?>

 <?php echo $numbers?>

<?php } else if ($page3 == 3) { ?>

  <?php echo $numbers + $numbers ?>

<?php } else if ($page4 == 4) { ?>

 <?php echo $numbers + $numbers + $numbers?>

Is there so that the sessions are being taken from each page and not replaced?

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your question is not related to jquery tag –  thecodeparadox May 6 '12 at 15:07

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Define $_SESSION['hello'] as an array then store your page number to it and retrieve as necessity.

$_SESSION['hello'] = array();

array_push($_SESSION['hello'], $_POST['hello']);
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Are you using sessionstart();?


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It is session_start(). –  Sietse May 6 '12 at 15:20
$sessionvar = $_SESSION['hello'];

Then you can add up the number if you want:

$sessionvar = $sessionvar + $number;

Then store the new value into the session:

$_SESSION['hello'] = $sessionvar; 
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Use php arrays:

$arr = array();
$arr[] = $_POST['hello'];
$_SESSION['hello'] = $arr;

Then you can call any value at any page by using:

echo $_SESSION['hello'][0];
echo $_SESSION['hello'][1];
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