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i have a php server with an array of clients which are connected to the server.. is there a way for me to find out for how long each client is connected and if the client passed the timeout time to disconnect it ? does php save somewhere the time the socket were accepted ? i'm trying to get rid of ghost clients..

i know that i can set the time the socket accepted myself and to loop throw it but my question if there is some kind of socket_get_connection_time() function of something similar ?

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One way to handle this is using signals, if you are using a Unix-based platform (I don't believe this is available on Windows).

First, you need to make sure your PHP build includes the pcntl_* functions. See docs here: On many installations, it is not compiled in by default.

You would do something like this:

if( !function_exists( "pcntl_signal" ) ) {
    die("pcntl_* functions not available");

pcntl_signal( 14, "cleanup", TRUE ); // 14 is the value for the SIGALARM unix signal
pcntl_alarm( XXXX ); // where XXXX is the number of second timeout for doing maintenance

function cleanup()
   // do your checks for timed out sockets here.
   // you will need some way to access the data, possibly a global variable pointing to
   // to the list of socket connections.
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