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I was nearly through porting YUI assertion modules to standalone libraries when the thought popped into mind that I should have perhaps asked on StackOverflow if this was necessary first. However I finished the libs:


But thought I would duly ask as well. Are there any good quality standalone libraries of assert functions - these can be very useful, e.g., checking the validity of arguments passed to functions (can save a lot of time invoking the debugger).

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how about QUnit? a unit testing lib, but supports these...I don't know much about testing, all right? just suggesting. – Parth Thakkar May 6 '12 at 16:57
The libs linked to above are tested with QUnit - I was looking for a standalone library, without the baggage of a whole testing suite. Something that could be attached to a webpage. I think I decided was the grooviest of the testing suites. Assert.js is more what I am looking for - not sure why I didn't just use this. – user5321531 May 6 '12 at 17:13

(OK, after a lot of faffing around with markdown line breaks that result in non-valid code block errors, here is an answer!)

After some brief research, starting with the most minimalistic:

assert.js - (port of node assert functions)
jShould - (QUnit extension)
should.js - (node library)
expect.js - (based on should.js, standalone)
YUIPort - (YUI libs but standalone)
chai - (node and browser, plugins inc. for JQuery)

expectThat - (CoffeeScript)

(I have to admit I do tend to agree with the commenter here, "I don't understand why everyone likes these wordy assertion libraries." Although I'm not a CoffeeScript user, I do tend to gravitate towards the plain assert.js style syntax rather than all this chaining.)

Features that these libraries are developing include:

- plugable with the major test suites (saves having to switch between two libraries when coding)
- coding server side (node) and client side without changing libraries
- integration into the main web frameworks (e.g., JQuery)

Some of the major test suites include:

JQuery's QUnit -
Mocha -
Jasmine -
js-test-driver -
YUI Test -
Sinon.JS -

The major web frameworks (ref. often include their own test suites.

Logging wise there is a discussion of libraries available here They don't at a glance seem to have caught up with server side JS as yet.

(07 May 2012)

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The standard for logging seems to be log4j which was developed by Apache and became popular: log4javascript - based on log4j, log4js - API very simialar to log4j, JavaScript Debug - plain wrapper for console.log. – user5321531 May 7 '12 at 12:44
console.log-wrapper - console.log wrapper – user5321531 May 7 '12 at 12:59
function assert(condition, message) {
    if (!condition) throw new Error(message)
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Indeed :) ..... – user5321531 May 7 '12 at 10:48

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