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I want to run create 4 objects by pass different arguments and calling the method I want to get return value. I want to execute this methods parallel.

Rank rg = new Rank(para);
Rank rb = new Rank(para);
Rank ry = new Rank(para);
Rank ra = new Rank(para);

sr.class1Rank = rg.GetPosition();
sr.class2Rank = rb.GetPosition();
sr.class3Rank = ry.GetPosition();
sr.class4Rank = ra.GetPosition();

I don't have I idea of how to do this.

thanx for any help..

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Threading is hard. –  SLaks May 6 '12 at 16:38
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you can use Task Paralleism

Parallel.Invoke(() => DoSomeWork(), () => DoSomeOtherWork());

In your case:

        () => rg.GetPosition(),
        () => rb.GetPosition(),
        () => ry.GetPosition()
        () => ra.GetPosition());
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