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I'm struggling to interface with iTunes by way of automating the Gifting process for an App via a traditional website built on PHP running on linux.

Their Search API works fine, and I have also downloaded and processed the full EPF for the App store, but now need to go upstream and make requests against iTunes. It seems like this should be a well-defined process, but I'm running into a wall and see numerous posts about the lack of a public API.

Closest I've come to a clue is this perl module: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Programming/Libraries/LWP-UserAgent-iTMS-Client-21878.shtml which was last updated around 2008, so no good there.

If anyone can help set me straight on this topic, it would be most appreciated! Thanks, Charlie

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Are you attempting to send your users directly to the "Gift this.." for a song or app? This isn't currently supported by iTunes for app developers or affiliate partners, but you can reverse engineer the store to use the same urls:

Gift a song: https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/giftSongsWizard?salableAdamId=516353670&productType=S

Gift an app: https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/giftSongsWizard?salableAdamId=479662730&productType=C

I wouldn't count on iTunes responding to questions or problems you have if they change the url structure in the future.

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