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General description

I am adding values to $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'] inside of a theme preprocess function, and yet my theme is not taking the suggestion. I am doing a healthy dose of full cache clearing, so caching is not the problem.

I would like my theme to choose my suggestion, but no matter what I try, it doesn't work.

The above is an abstract version of my problem, a solution to which will probably be useful to most people. A detailed description of my specific setup follows, as well a more specific statement of my problem, and my attempted "solution" (which doesn't work).

Any help you can give me would be tremendous, and very much appreciated. Thank you!


In my template.php file, I have the following code:

function MYTHEME_preprocess_user_profile(&$variables) {  
  $variables['profile'] = array(
    'top_section' => array(
      '#theme'  => 'profile_section',
      '#type' => 'top_section',
      'profile_section' => /* [several renderable elements] */,
    'bottom_section' => array(
      '#theme'  => 'profile_section',
      '#type' => 'bottom_section',
      'profile_section' => /* [several renderable elements] */,

So, in essence, the MYTHEME_preprocess_user_profile() function creates several profile sections, assigned to $variables['profile'].

I then set up a user-profile.tpl.php template file in my theme. Since I am working with a Zen sub-theme, the file goes in my "templates" directory within my theme directory. It looks like this:

<h1 class="title">user-profile.tpl.php</h1>
<?php foreach(element_children($profile) as $section) {
  print render($profile[$section]);  

I then set up a MYTHEME_theme() function as follows:

function MYTHEME_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path) {
  return array(
    'profile_section' => array(
      'render element' => 'profile_section',
      'template' => 'templates/profile-section',

And, lastly, I set up a profile-section.tpl.php file in my templates directory, as follows:

<p>Theming the profile section <strong><php print $profile_section['#type'] ?></strong> with the <strong>standard</strong> profile section template.</strong></p>

With this in place, I get all of the desired behavior for what how I want the theme to react to the sections of my user profile, under most circumstances. That is, for each of my profile sections, I can theme it as a "profile_section."


I also want the ability to set up template files to handle the theming of specific profile sections, based on new template files I drop into my templates directory. So, specific to this example, while I want profile-section.tpl.php to handle most profile sections, I also want the ability to drop in a profile-section--top-section.tpl.php file, clear the cache, and have the theme use that file for the "top_section" profile section.

My "solution", which does not work

I have read that my problem can be solved by using theme_hook_suggestions, within the appropriate theme preprocess function. So, in my case, I wrote a MYTHEME_preprocess_profile_section() function, as follows:

function MYTHEME_preprocess_profile_section(&$variables) {
  $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'profile_section__' . $variables['profile_section']['#type'];

I then wrote a profile-section--top-section.tpl.php file as follows:

<p>Theming the profile section <strong><php print $profile_section['#type'] ?></strong> with the <strong>top-sectoin</strong> profile section template.</strong></p>

That completes my setup. I refresh the cache, but...

The theme still chooses the profile-section.tpl.php template for my top_section profile_section, rather than the more specific profile_section__top_section.tpl.php template I wrote.

What do I need to do from here, or what should I change, to make this setup take my theme suggestion from MYTHEME_preprocess_profile_section()?

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Is the file called profile_section__top_section.tpl.php, or is it called profile-section--top-section.tpl.php? I sometimes find that Drupal converts the _ to - for use in filenames. Try changing the name of the file, and see if that helps. – sammarks Jun 22 '12 at 0:32

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