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i want to build a site similar to www.omegle.com. can any one suggest me some ideas. I think its built usning twisted , orbiter comet server.

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Twisted is a good choice. I used it a few years ago to build a server for a browser-based online game I wrote - it kept track of clients, served them replies to Ajax requests, and used HTML5 Server-Sent DOM Events as well. Worked rather painlessly thanks to Twisted's good HTTP library.

For a Python web framework, I personally favor Django. It's quick to get going with it, and it has a lot of functionality out of the box ("batteries included" as it says on their site I think). Pylons is another popular choice.

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You can use Nevow, which is a web framework that is built on top of Twisted. The documentation for Nevow includes a fully functional two-way chat application including examples of how to write unit tests for it.

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I'd suggest you use Twisted. ;) It has both chat clients and chat servers. Then you also need a web framework. I'd use either Grok or BFD, but there are many Python Web Frameworks around, and few of them are really bad.

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Most XMPP servers support BOSH. If you use the strophe javascript library, you have only to worry about presentation -- the rest is done for you.

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Because you seem to be looking for both Comet functionality and a Web Framework, you might have a look here: http://github.com/clemesha/hotdot which is a complete example of combining Django, Orbited, and Twisted.

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