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I'd like to use a custom MessageBox in my Windows Phone app, similar to the one used when the Bing app identifies a song. Is there any way to add a custom content component to a MessageBox, or would I need to create my own Popup window that copies the system style?

I know there are libraries (and StackOverflow questions) that allow devs to customize the buttons - I'm looking for a little more customization than that.

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I suggest that you should use a CustomMessageBox (which is part of the wptoolkit). I have created a messagebox which contains a Listbox from where the user selects an item in the list. Change the content property to whatever you want to display inside of the messagebox. Try something like this:

ListBox _list = new ListBox();
_list.ItemSource = MySource;
_list.ItemTemplate = MyTemplate;

CustomMessageBox custom = new CustomMessageBox() { Message = "Your message", Content = _list };
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Have a look at this. It basically involves a custom control called NotificationBox

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Not really. I found that one earlier, but it appears to only allow custom text on the buttons, which isn't quite what I need. –  derekerdmann May 7 '12 at 11:57

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