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I've been trying to connect to twitter through android for a while. I'm currently using this api: http://kenai.com/projects/twitterapime/forums/forum/topics/13327-Twitter-API-ME-1-8-Now-with-OAuth-support

I used their exemple with my keys and everything connects without problem. So no problem with configuration. But in my project which has exactly the same code I can't make it work.

I believe its related with the creation of a new Intent (also this is where the eclipse is point the error)

Im trying to use a custom layout but I don't know what do I need to change to make this specific Twitter layout to work. On main activity I have a button with this:

public void onClick(View v)
   startActivity(new Intent(this,Twitter.class));

on twitter class

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    //this.webView = (WebView) findViewById(R.id.webView1);

    WebView myWebView = new WebView(this);


private void authenticate()
    WebViewOAuthDialogWrapper page = new WebViewOAuthDialogWrapper(webView);



what requirements/adjustments are needed to make/change to the Twitter activity?

I believe I need to change something in the intent-filter but I don't even understand the work of intents. I've been only making easy layouts.

Note that I also gave internet permissions already.

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Looks like i was making 2 mistakes.

First i was trying to use "webView" variable in WebViewOAuthDialogWrapper instead "myWebView" so it wasn't initialized...

Second looks like i forgot to put the order of which the external libraries were loaded.... So be sure to put external libraries on top in eclipse project.

Lost about 2 days with these problems... oh well

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