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I am porting my game from Java to Objective C and I have a large amount of level data. I am hoping there is a simple way to change it over using some sort of replacement via regex.

The java format looks like this -

level1.addWave(240, 0, 120, 1, Constants.DOWN_STRAIGHT, .03f, 0.15f, 
Constants.WANDER_RIGHT, Constants.TOP_SIDE, 250, 390, Sheep.WHITE, 2);

and the Objective C version should look like this -

[level1 addWave_offset:0 waveTimer:0 nextSheepCD:0 numberOfWaves:1 startingDirection:DOWN_STRAIGHT wanderRate:0.03 wanderLean:0.15 
wanderDirection:WANDER_NONE side:TOP_SIDE minPixel:200 maxPixel:200 type:WHITE amount:1];

Is there a way to do this replacement via regex?

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"If you have a procedure with ten parameters, you probably missed some." -- Alan J. Perlis –  Shaggy Frog May 6 '12 at 21:45
If I changed this question to be abstract and simply about regex would that inspire you to give a real answer? –  ixikos May 7 '12 at 19:14

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I have done similar things many times and my approach was following, i.e pseudo code:
- Iterate over all files in all directories
- Open file and read each line
- If your line starts with level then do further processing
- Further processing: Split the line with following tokens (, Constants., and ,. Trim the results to remove white spaces. Store each result in to associated temp variable (e.g. store level1 into tmp_level_id)
- Use store results to generate Objective-C code

While this may not be as beautiful as some funky regex it will be easier to implement and fix if necessary.

Kind regards,

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