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Here is my code:


function isNumeric ($x) {
try {
    0 + $x | Out-Null
    return $true
} catch {
    return $false

function output-file ($ave, $high, $low, $date)
write-output "Programer: Oday Sawaqed"
write-output "Class: CIS 124"
write-output "PowerShell Assignmnent"
write-output ""
Write-output ""
write-output " Current Date                    Average               Highest                        Lowest"
write-output " $date                $ave                   $high                 $low "

$array = @()
$n = 1

do {
$hold = read-host "number $n"
if (isNumeric $hold -eq $true){
if (999 -ne $hold) {
$array += $hold
$n = $n + 1
write-host "Thank you."
write-host "The numbers you entered are:" $array
write-host "Please select a file name to save the output:"
$fileName = Read-host

$date = get-date -format "dddd, MMMM d, yyyy"
$array = $array | Sort-Object 
$ave = 
$high = $array | Select-Object -last 1
$low = $array | Select-Object -first 1

output-file $ave $high $low $date | Out-File c:\$fileName.txt
else {
write-host "Please enter a numeric value"
while (999 -ne $hold)

Now the code works perfectly, i just can't figure out how to add up the values in my array to calculate the average. can someone please help me or give me a hint! i know that i need to add the values together and then divide be $n, i just don't know how to add the values.

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To compute average you can use Measure-Object Cmdlet:

($array | Measure-Object -Average).average
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Thank you very much :) i knew you can do it this way except that i was put .ave instead of .average and thats why it never worked . I'm still a noob. but yeah, thank you! –  Oday Sawaqed May 7 '12 at 8:27
+1, I was looking for how to sum an array. And you reminded me that measure-object would also do many of the maths type tasks. –  Denomales Jun 29 '13 at 20:17

One way I found to do the addition would be something like this:

$sum = $array -join '+'
Invoke-Expression $sum

Your output of $sum is simply going to add the "+" and then invoke-expression will actually do the math for you. So your output would look something like:

Invoke-Expression $sum
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What about the first method listed in the link which uses "measure-object" to calculate the sum? –  Mike Shepard May 7 '12 at 1:48
this worked too. thank you very much –  Oday Sawaqed May 7 '12 at 8:29

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