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I'm testing a locally run web app and am trying to use anchor tags to link to log file output on my C: drive. The href value that's generated for the anchor is in the standard URI format "file:///C:/outbox/myLog.txt". But, when I try to click the anchor, the link doesn't go anywhere, I have to right-click and copy the link into the address bar or to a new tab. I'm not sure why copying the link works whereas the link itself isn't clickable. Any help is appreciated.

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Is this the case on different browsers? What is your browser / OS? We've seen this as a fault on Windows XP on both IE and Firefox browsers and may be nothing to do with your code

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My desktop is running Windows 7 Enterprise, I tried it on IE9, Chrome and Firefox and it doesn't work on any of those browsers. – kingrichard2005 May 6 '12 at 23:27

From my understanding, you can't link to file:/// from an HTML doc for security reasons. You might want to try this chrome extension.

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