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I believe I've scanned the web pretty thoroughly and exhaustively on this issue by now, so here goes. I have some source files (Java) that live on a remote machine (Amazon EC2 hosted). I can SSH into the machine, and I can use Eclipse's RSE plugin to view and edit files remotely. Nice!

Now, I want to create a project that would be tied to that remote location. I can do that by selecting a directory in RSE perspective, and selecting (Create Remote Project). That imports the project into Eclipse, and I can view and edit files from there. Nice!

The problem is that this project is imported as a "General" project, while I would like it to be a Java project. There doesn't seem to be a neat way to convert the remote project into Java in Eclipse. Is there a way to do that? Note that I'm trying to use tools installed on the remote machine (compilers and such).

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I am not familiar with RSE, but you may be able to manually add the java nature / facet to the project metadata. One example is here: eclipse default project to java project.

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