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When test open source project 'gproc' function, I found list_to_pid is ok for local pid, and not ok for remote pid. My erlang runtime is R15B.

(dist_test_n2@yus-iMac.local)29> D = list_to_pid("<0.239.0>").
(dist_test_n2@yus-iMac.local)30> D == self(). %% equal here
(dist_test_n2@yus-iMac.local)31> f(E).
(dist_test_n2@yus-iMac.local)32> E = gproc:where(Name).       
(dist_test_n2@yus-iMac.local)33> F = list_to_pid("<8969.239.0>").
(dist_test_n2@yus-iMac.local)34> F == E. %% not equal here

From user guide about this function, there is no such restriction. Is it bug?

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as you can confirm here it's not possible to use list_to_pid/1 with external pids.

If you check on google I think you can also find the original thread started by Ulf Wiger.

Hope this helps!

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