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Might be a very newbie question, but I can't find a way to remove files from my projects in QtCreator. Thanks!

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3 Answers

Right-click the file you want to remove, and choose "Remove File..."

Checking the "Delete file permanently" check box will delete the file, otherwise it will just be removed from the project.

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Ah didn't find it either, you have to delete the files and not the folders. –  Dennis Jun 3 '10 at 20:06
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go directly delete the project folder from your hdd.

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For Linux, edit ~/.config/QtProject/QtCreator.ini

Under [ProjectExplorer], delete the project name and its corresponding configuration file from the following two lists:


e.g., given the following
RecentProjects\DisplayNames=proj1, proj2, proj3
RecentProjects\FileNames=<proj1_dir>/CMakeLists.txt, <proj2_dir>/proj2.pro, <proj3_dir>/proj3.pro

to delete proj1 from the qtcreator startup page, edit the above two lists as

RecentProjects\DisplayNames=proj2, proj3
RecentProjects\FileNames=<proj2_dir>/proj2.pro, <proj3_dir>/proj3.pro

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That apparently just temporarily removes the project from the startup page - at least for the CMakeLists.txt case. The CMakeCache.txt also had entries for the project name but even after deleting those, it re-created the project name so it reappeared on the start page –  lawlove Jun 25 at 19:43
Ahh - because that's the project name in CMakeLists.txt ; so any time I selected CMakeLists.txt to create a new project it gives it that name. –  lawlove Jun 25 at 19:57
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