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I am using EGit in Eclipse, and attempting to push to Github. I made a commit locally, and then tried to push it upstream. I got this error:

 Can't connect to any URI: https://github.com/Buroa/Konklex.git (An internal Exception occurred during push: https://github.com/Buroa/Konklex.git: git-receive-pack not permitted)

I can't seem to find a way around it. Am I missing something here?

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What URL are you using to try to push to GitHub? –  Greg Hewgill May 7 '12 at 1:33
@GregHewgill github.com/Buroa/Konklex.git –  Simon Sheehan May 7 '12 at 1:35
Does it work if you use the ssh:// URL? (I've only ever pushed over SSH, not over HTTPS. But that's just me.) –  Greg Hewgill May 7 '12 at 1:37
@GregHewgill tried with SSh and got session is down –  Simon Sheehan May 7 '12 at 1:38

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I know this is a old thread, but I struggled with the same for more than an hour today and finally found out this happened because on my egit push dialog window i had used a different userid

Once i entered the right github user, the push to the remote repository went through fine.

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I had to reconfigure the push, with both my username and password, and check the "Store in Secure Store" –  chrismarx Apr 8 '14 at 18:18
same here. I already had other projects in Eclipse which were using a user that was not a collaborator in the new project. –  atmelino Jun 11 '14 at 2:36

just check "store in secure store" in context menu > team > remote > configure push to upstream > change. problem solved :D

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sometimes you need to verify your account e-mail on github

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This answer seems like it could use more detail. –  James Jenkins Nov 1 '13 at 18:57
Yes, works. I just forget to add my account. –  thecr0w Apr 1 '14 at 4:56

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