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svn status

Gives the following

?       services

However I then get

svn add services
svn: warning: 'services' is already under version control

svn commit does nothing

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make sure there isn't already a (possibly empty) services/.svn directory. –  Michael Berkowski May 7 '12 at 2:18
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There's a very good possibility that someone else added this file/folder into the Subversion repository after you checked out your current working directory, and you just don't have it yet on your local workspace.

  • Do a svn ls on the URL you've checked out, and not the files in your working directory. See if there's a services directory or file in Subversion.

Here's an example:

$ svn co http://server/src/myproject    # Did a while ago
$ cd myproject
$ svn add services
svn: warning: 'services' is already under version control
$ svn ls http://server/src/myproject   # See what's in the repository
services   <--- Yup, someone added it to the repository already
$ svn log http://server/src/myproject/services    #See who added it and why
  • Move theservices directory/file out of the way in your workspace. (Renaming it to services.mine or something similar is fine), and do a svn update and see if a services folder suddenly appears in your working directory. Chances are that another services file/directory will appear.
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