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Software design vs. software architecture

I think the architecture is also a design process. is it right?

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Q: I think the architecture is also a design process. is it right? A: Yes. But a designer isn't necessarily an architect ;) –  paulsm4 May 7 '12 at 3:43

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That question is better answered in the context of a software process framework, like RUP.

According to the Analysis and Design discipline of RUP, the output of the architecture activities are input for the design ones. This article makes a clear distinction of the architectural model:

The architectural model contains all of the technology-specific decisions for our project but none of the behavior-specific decisions. For this reason, it is considered a Platform-Specific Model.

And the design model:

The design model has a mixture of behavior and technology, and is considered a Platform-Specific Model (...). Basically the idea is that you combine the analysis model with the architectural model to create the design model.

The analysis model does not contain any technology-related content, it only contains artifacts related to behavior. When you add the technical decisions made during architecture to the behavior modeled during analysis you're doing design.

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