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What should I do if I want to call command like terminal(ubuntu) from python 2.7 so I want to use nfc-mfclassic which it able to use in terminal of ubuntu...Someone can help me to use that in python please..

I run this thing :nfc-mfclassic r a dumptest.mfd in terminal (Ubuntu)

Usage: nfc-mfclassic r|w a|b <dump.mfd> [<keys.mfd>]
  r|w           - Perform read from (r) or write to (w) card
  a|b           - Use A or B keys for action
  <dump.mfd>    - MiFare Dump (MFD) used to write (card to MFD) or (MFD to card)
  <keys.mfd>    - MiFare Dump (MFD) that contain the keys (optional)
Or: nfc-mfclassic x <dump.mfd> <payload.bin>
  x             - Extract payload (data blocks) from MFD
  <dump.mfd>    - MiFare Dump (MFD) that contains wanted payload
  <payload.bin> - Binary file where payload will be extracted
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You can use subprocess directly, but there are a couple of very good subprocess wrappers that will make your life a lot easier.

I like PBS:

PBS is a unique subprocess wrapper that maps your system programs to Python functions dynamically. PBS helps you write shell scripts in Python by giving you the good features of Bash (easy command calling, easy piping) with all the power and flexibility of Python.


import pbs
print pbs.nfc_mfclassic("r", "a", "dumptest.mfd")

If you want to deal with an iterative application, perhaps you should look for something like pyexpect:

# This connects to the openbsd ftp site and
# downloads the recursive directory listing.
import pexpect
child = pexpect.spawn ('ftp')
child.expect ('Name .*: ')
child.sendline ('anonymous')
child.expect ('Password:')
child.sendline ('')
child.expect ('ftp> ')
child.sendline ('cd pub')
child.expect('ftp> ')
child.sendline ('get ls-lR.gz')
child.expect('ftp> ')
child.sendline ('bye')
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Thank you so much , that is very useful to me – user1376294 May 7 '12 at 5:40
>>> import subprocess
>>> command = raw_input()
nfc-mfclassic r a dumptest.mfd

p = subprocess.Popen(command)

command is exactly what you typed in shell cmdline. the hard part is to properly format command text.


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