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I've dispatched mouse over events on polylines. This event is fired even when I mouse over on an overlay which is on the polyline. How can I avoid it so the overlay actually hides the polyline under it?

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The simplest approach is probably just to set the Polyline's clickable property to false when you add the other overlay (which I'm assuming is a custom overlay). Then, the Polyline won't respond to mouse events at all, if that is your goal. For that, you simply pass a PolylineOptions object to the Polyline constructor, or call the Polyline.setOptions function and pass a PolylineOptions object, if you want to make the change dynamically after construction.

If you want something with more fine-grained aspects, such as taking full control of the stacking order of overlays, you will want to look into the MapPanes. There are seven panes, which are essentially layers where overlays may be added to the map. From bottom to top, they stack in this order:

  1. MapPanes.mapPane
  2. MapPanes.overlayLayer
  3. MapPanes.overlayShadow
  4. MapPanes.overlayImage
  5. MapPanes.floatShadow
  6. MapPanes.overlayMouseTarget
  7. MapPanes.floatPane

Since you are trying to cloak even the mouse events of the Polyline, you will probably have to place your other overlay at the top, on the floatPane. I do this for some of my InfoBoxes, which function as rectangle map label boxes. My goal was to put them above everything else on the map and they do appear above everything else (the map, markers, overlays, etc.).

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