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I have the following array:

var open_emails = [];
open_emails = [["2012-04-21", 5], ["2012-04-20", 1], ["2012-04-22", 4]];

When I put it into jquery.flot it does not graph and I don't know why:

$.plot($("#placeholder"), [open_emails]);

How can I graph this data showing the dates

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open_emails = [["2012-04-21", 5], ["2012-04-20", 1], ["2012-04-22", 4]]; I think the date is String type, so it cannot plot as value.

you can see this post

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Yes I had to convert the date to a time object in milliseconds. Thank for putting me on the right path – chell May 7 '12 at 15:21

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