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I compiled freeimageplus into dll. the dll is used in by my application. But I found memory leaking problem. boundary check say: Leaking existing program --> FreeImagePlus.dll!0x0005CD06。 I have pdb with the freeiamgeplus.dll. How can I locate the source code using the information "FreeImagePlus.dll!0x0005CD06"

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Put the dll and the pdb in the same directory and do

ildasm /LINENUM /SOURCE FreeImagePlus.dll

This should show the line number and source (if available) for each IL block.

  .line 12,12 : 13,37 ''  
//000012:             string s = "one string";  
  IL_0001:  ldstr      "one string"  
  IL_0006:  stloc.0

This shows that IL offset 1 and 6 map to line 12 columns 13-37

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It is written in c++, will ildasm work? – user25749 Jun 26 '09 at 8:02
Uhm yes it should. Didn't you try it? – jitter Jun 27 '09 at 10:09
so? did it work? – jitter Jun 30 '09 at 21:57

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