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I used to use IOMeter 2006.7.27 which I can open the configure file. I've changed it to version 1.1.0-rc1 and seeing the result was a little bit higher, hoverever it couldn't load the configre file. I'm using windows 7, please give me a solution for this, I really appreciate it :)

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I had the same issue. Change the first line of the config file to be something like: Version 2004.07.30 instead of just 1.1.0.

It seems that IOmeter seeks for a date string and the version one breaks it.

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There's a bug in the last released binaries when it comes to config files. At the top and bottom of each config file you will find a line such as this:

Version 1.1.0

Now the new version, 1.1.0, doesn't recognize this version even though it's writing it itself when it saves the config files! It's still using the old versioning scheme which has a header and a footer that looks like this:

Version 2006.07.27

It was fixed in last build of 1.1.0 but you'll have to build IOmeter from sources

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