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i'm trying to install Symfony2 in a web server, but I have one question about URL's.

I want to install it in this url.

So, is possible to put the files allocated in the /web folder into this directory (gestor), and put the others (/app, /bin, /src…) in another path in the server (an make them private, and impossible to access through URL?

Which is the best way? Just do it and modify the app.php requires?

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I'll try to help you out, but I'm not really an expert on this topic? are you installing on a shared or dedicated hosting?

If you are on a dedicated hosting, you could go here.

But I'm assuming you are installing on a shared hosting(courtesy of KBrogan): could anyone point me to how to mod_rewrite to a more sexy url of which will automatically redirect to without checking the url to the long version?

<bernardnapoleon> i've been googling for hours now. >><
<helios_ag> r u  on shared hosting?
<bernardnapoleon> yes
<KBrogan> bernard, i have just the solution for you if you would like everything redirected to with your content stored in webroot/Symfony
<bernardnapoleon> really? you're amazing!
<bernardnapoleon> that's it
<KBrogan> 1) move Symfony/web to webroot/
<bernardnapoleon> okay but wouldn't that break the folder structure of symfony?
<KBrogan> nope
<KBrogan> 2) change the require_once tags in both files webroot/app(_dev)?.php to point to Symfony/app/... instead of pointing to ../Symfony/app
<KBrogan> example: require_once __DIR__.'/Symfony/app/AppKernel.php';
<bernardnapoleon> oks! done
<KBrogan> make .htaccess in webroot this:
<KBrogan> RedirectMatch 404 "^/Symfony(/.*)?$"
<KBrogan> RedirectMatch 404 "/\..*"
<KBrogan> RedirectMatch 404 "/(config||app(_dev)?).php"
<KBrogan> <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
<KBrogan>     RewriteEngine On
<KBrogan>     RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
<KBrogan>     RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php [QSA,L]
<KBrogan> </IfModule>
<KBrogan> last step - make a symlink index.php => app_dev.php
<bernardnapoleon> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................
<KBrogan> Do you have shell access on your host bernard?
<bernardnapoleon> nope
<helios_ag> not good idea to publish dev env on prod env
<bernardnapoleon> helios_ag: yep yep. 
<KBrogan> dev env ip blacklists itself. Not really an issue until you've deployed
<bernardnapoleon> KBrogan: Thank you! 
<bernardnapoleon> i'll just rename app.php to index.php incase i can't do symlink
<KBrogan> if you don' t have shell access: either make a link with php, or rename the app.php
<bernardnapoleon> yeah. Thanks Again Bro
<bernardnapoleon> =)
<bernardnapoleon> all this time I thought the answer is in mod_rewrite
<KBrogan> i'm quite happy with the results there. Spent a couple of hours tweaking it
<KBrogan> I've got shell access, so I set up an alias dev and an alias prod which switches the environment for me and clears the cache
<KBrogan> Question: is there a twif filter which pretty prints all your html?
<KBrogan> twig*
<bernardnapoleon> oh cool. 
<bernardnapoleon> not an expert but I think you have to post process that. 
<KBrogan> by the way bernard, the RedirectMatch 404 "/\..*" bit will hide all of your .htaccess files and make them return 404 instead of 403
<KBrogan> as well as any other file that stats with .
<KBrogan> and any other file besides /Symfony/* , index.php, app_dev.php, app.php, will be served directly by Apache
<bernardnapoleon> ohhhh
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