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I would like to compare two dates in Perl to check there difference(days,months and so on), format of both the dates are like DD-MMM-YYYY.

I am thinking of using mktime or DateTime module in Perl. As the calculation will be frequent, i need efficient method.

Can you please suggest which is more efficient way out of 2 or any other for doing it in Perl.


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Please give specific examples of your dates, and what result you would like. –  Borodin May 7 '12 at 8:23
What do you mean by frequent? Hundreds or thousands per second? You should not worry about DateTime if you call it once in a few seconds, otherwise you should write your optimized subroutine, maybe even in C/XS –  ArtM May 7 '12 at 9:13

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mktime is a native system call which I believe should be faster than using DateTime.pm which instantiates new perl objects

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Please add a code example. –  daxim May 7 '12 at 11:34

Time::Piece and DateTime/::Format::Strptime are efficient in that they make good use of developer time. They work correctly, are thoroughly tested, heavily used and endorsed by the community, return objects, do not suffer from the C datetime API insanities.

use Time::Piece qw();
my $t = Time::Piece->strptime('07-May-2012', '%d-%b-%Y');
# returns object of type Time::Piece

use DateTime::Format::Strptime qw();
my $dt = DateTime::Format::Strptime
    ->new(pattern => '%d-%b-%Y', locale => 'en')
# returns object of type DateTime
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