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I am creating an application in J2ME. I have one Loginpage and SearchingAccount Page.

I insert AlertSuccess and AlertFailure between this two pages. If user login successfully
he redirect on AlertSuccess after click on alert he redirect to SerachAcount Page.

I do this successfully but when user enter incorrect details then I need to show AlertFailure and show again login page but my application shows AlertSuccess and displays SearchAccount page even when user enter incorrect details.

I tried a lot of but didn't success. Please give me any hint about how to do this.

Here is my MIDlet flow screen: Here is my MIDlet flow screen.

Here is my code for reference.

 } else if (displayable == Login) {
        if (command == Login1) {
            readUserRecords(u_Name, u_Password);

            switchDisplayable(null, getWaitScreen());
public void readUserRecords(String userName,String Password){
  byte[] recData = new byte[5];
  int len;

  for(int i = 1; i <= rs.getNumRecords(); i++){
    if(rs.getRecordSize(i) > recData.length){

      recData = new byte[rs.getRecordSize(i)];
    len = rs.getRecord(i, recData, 0);
    String str= new String(recData,0,len);


   System.out.println("User Login Page--------------------------------------");
   System.out.println("---index of string-------"+s+" and "+s1);
   if(u_id.equals(u_Name)&& u_pass.equals(u_Password))

        System.out.println("UserLogin Successfully "+str);
        alertSuccess = new Alert("OK", "You are Login Successfully!",
        successimg, AlertType.INFO);
        display.setCurrent(alertSuccess, Login);

        System.out.println("Enter Wrong user name");
        alertFailure = new Alert("Cancel", "Enter correct user name and password!",failureimg, AlertType.INFO);
         System.out.println("Enter Wrong user name1");
             System.out.println("Enter Wrong user name2");
             display.setCurrent(alertFailure, Login);
              System.out.println("Enter Wrong user name3");
       // getAlertFailure();        


}catch (Exception e){}
public Alert getAlertFailure() {
    if (alertFailure == null) {

        alertFailure = new Alert("alert");
    return alertFailure;
    public Alert getAlertSuccess() {
    if (alertSuccess == null) {

        alertSuccess = new Alert("alert1");
    return alertSuccess;
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If I am right, your code is autogenerated. You need to write all code manually then simply call the function(which will show next form) on Command click.

And inside this form you should write display.setCurrent(Form Name). But don't forget to append widget to a specific form.

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hey thanks... it's very simple but solve my problem. – Sandip Armal Patil May 15 '12 at 5:48

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