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I have a webservice deployed on JBoss as 7 and secured with two-way SSL. In order to identify the callers of the service, currently they're required to provide username/password pair as well. So that I can identify them by using the following code.

String username = (String) wsContext.getMessageContext()

However, I think theoretically it's possible to identify them after the process of SSL handshake. It could be a possible way by providing a customised TrustManager which possibly knows what certificate is using. I just wonder if there is any simple/better way. Even just return something about the certificate which can be used to identify.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You don't need a custom TrustManager for that. The client SSL certificate chain is available in a request attribute javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate.

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Thanks for the clue. Based on your answer I found the following link‌​-name-of-a-client-certificate-from-java-code. – user1379159 May 7 '12 at 23:40

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