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I'm having a problem with my structures... or something like that. I have 2 Arrays the one is defined as Array <Student> DBst and one Array <Assignment> DBas. The thing is somewhere it get missed up because one of my function (in template form) pops an error were it tells me Class Assignment has no function setStudent(...) but I don't know why it reads me struct DBst as an collection of Assigment objects.


template <class T>
void addStudent(int a, int b, std::string c,Array <T> &A){


template <class T1>
void _addStudent(Array <T1> &A){
    int a,b;
    string c;
    cout<<"Enter ID:"<<endl;
    cout<<"Enter Group:"<<endl;
    cout<<"Enter Name:"<<endl;



void Menu::mainMenu(Array <Student> &DBst,Array <Assignment> &DBas){
int ret = Menu::intInputHandler();

case 1:studentMenu(DBst,DBas);break;
case 2:assignmentMenu(DBas,DBst);break;
case 3:statsMenu(DBst,DBas);break;
case 4:_printAll(DBst,DBas);break;
case 0:break;
default:cout<<"Wrong option selected!";break;

    void Menu::studentMenu(Array <Student> &DBst,Array <Assignment> &DBas){
    int ret = Menu::intInputHandler();

    case 1:_addStudent(DBst);break;
    case 2:_removeStudent(DBst);break;
    case 3:_editStudent(DBst);break;
    case 4:_printStudent(DBst);break;
    case 5:_printAllStud(DBst);break;
    case 6:_searchByID(DBst);break;
    case 0:mainMenu(DBst,DBas);break;
    default:cout<<"Wrong option selected!";break;


class Menu{

        string stringInputHandler();
        int intInputHandler();
        void mainMenu(Array <Student> &,Array <Assignment> &);
        void studentMenu(Array <Student> &,Array <Assignment> &);
        void assignmentMenu(Array <Assignment> &,Array <Student> &);
        void statsMenu(Array <Student> &,Array <Assignment> &);


void Student::setStudent(int a,int b,string c){
this->ID = a;
    this->group = b;
    this->name = c;

The error I get is the fallowing:

D:\c++\Begin\Lab6-8_UML/Domain.h:70:2: error: 'class Assignment'
                                       has no member named 'setStudent'`


template <class T>
struct Array{
    int lenght;
    T * M;

    Array( int size ) : lenght(size), M(new T[size])
       delete[] M;
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This error is not directly related to the use of templates. See how much you can reduce the program without the problem going away. –  Mankarse May 7 '12 at 8:49
the declaration of the Array class could be helpful too. –  juanchopanza May 7 '12 at 8:52
addet the array struct. –  Bogdan Maier May 7 '12 at 9:05
I don't understand why addStudent is a template function. It requires setStudent, which only seems applicable to your Student class, so you might as well only take an Array<Student>. As an added benefit: regular type errors are easier to decode. –  Travis Gockel May 7 '12 at 9:21

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It is not visible in the code you provided, but I suspect you are calling somewhere addStudent<T> function with an Array<Assignment> parameter (the last one) and that the Assignment class has no setStudent method.

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i think it is the same but the hole process of calling is here i displayed it form initialisating to declaring... thanks anyhow ihope i`mm find the source of the error soon.. –  Bogdan Maier May 7 '12 at 9:18

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