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so I'm coding this GUI-program (using tkinter) and I'm using three Entryboxes in the same function. I wanna use their values in the main function, so how do I get the values into some kind of global variable or in a way that I can use them in a different function?

def options():

    options_root = Tk()

    textFrame = Frame(options_root)

    widthlabel = Label(textFrame, text="w:", justify=LEFT)
    widthlabel.grid(column="0", row="0")
    widthinput = Entry(textFrame)
    widthinput.grid(column="1", row="0")

    heightlabel = Label(textFrame, text="h:", justify=LEFT)
    heightlabel.grid(column="0", row="1")
    heightinput = Entry(textFrame)
    heightinput.grid(column="1", row="1")

    mlabel = Label(textFrame, text="m:", justify=LEFT)
    mlabel.grid(column="0", row="2")
    minput = Entry(textFrame)
    minput.grid(column="1", row="2")

    width = widthinput.get()
    height = heightinput.get()
    m = minput.get()

    start_game_button = Button(options_root, text="Start", justify=LEFT, command=lambda:tabort(options_root))
    exit_button = Button(options_root, text = "Exit", justify=LEFT, command=exit)
    exit_button.grid(column="1", row="3")


def main():


    w = widthinput.get()
    h = heightinput.get()
    m = minput.get()

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Keep a reference to the widgets, then use the get() method. This becomes much easier if you design your application as a class:

import tkinter as tk

class SampleApp(tk.Tk):
    def __init__(self, ...):
        self.width_entry = tk.Entry(...)
        self.height_entry = tk.Entry(...)
        self.minput_entry = tk.Entry(...)
    def main(...):
        w = self.width_entry.get()
        h = self.height_entry.get()
        m = self.input_entry.get()

app = SampleApp()
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So now I got this error, doing it with a class. w = ins.width() TypeError: 'int' object is not callable –  tivon May 7 '12 at 18:28
@tivon: what part of tht etror message don't you understand? It's telling you exactly what the error is. You seem to think width is a function but python thinks it's an int. –  Bryan Oakley May 7 '12 at 23:09

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