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I want to remove the selection color that appears when I touch a cell in my tableview.

In IB there is a "shows selection" checkbox that does nothing and it seems from what I can gather that it is just a bug in IB.

But then there is the [cell setSelectionStyle:UITableViewCellSelectionStyleNone]; that I can set to each cell.

This also does nothing, so this is where I am stuck, all documentation say that if I set this property it should not appear but it does.

I push another UIViewController on a UINavigationController, and when I go back to the view in question, the blue background on the cell is stuck until I touch another one.

The only thing special is that I instantiate this UITableViewController with the help of storyboard and I use prototype cells. Then I put it inside a UIScrollView to have horizontal paging between multiple UITableViewControllers. There is no way to access the navigation controller when I do this so I pass the UINavigationController along to the UITableView.

Sorry that I can't make the keywords appear as code, it says I should press the tab key then type a $ but that moves my cursor to tags.

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It seems if I set selection to none on my prototype cell in IB it works. So just as a warning to set selection style on a prototype cell apparently does nothing. I cannot answer my own question for 7 hours but this is the answer. – Ostmeistro May 7 '12 at 9:22

You might try to set the selectedBackgroundView of your cell like this :

customCell.selectedBackgroundView = [[UIImageView alloc] initWithImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"background.png"]];

In the delegate method cellForRowAtIndexPath

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Yes this is what I would have tried but if I change it on the prototype cell in IB it propagates and works mysteriously :) – Ostmeistro May 7 '12 at 11:06

From code you can use (for example for grey):

cell.selectionStyle = UITableViewCellSelectionStyleGray;

And put this at:

- (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView willDisplayCell:(UITableViewCell *)cell forRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath

In your ViewController.

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I know, that did not work, I had to change it in IB on the prototype cell to get it to work :/ – Ostmeistro May 7 '12 at 11:05
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The solution was to set the style on the prototype cell in IB. Many things are wierd about prototype cells.

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